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WWE 2K22 DLC Should Include More Celebrity Guest Characters

WWE 2K took a break last year to focus on building a new game engine to ensure that there was not a repeat of the disastrous WWE 2K20. The next installation, WWE 2K22, you have already received good reviews from people who got a chance to play the game early. With this, fans of the WWE are hoping that the DLC release will include one simple feature that has helped WWE become one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world: celebrity guest appearances.

In the past, viewers have been treated to the likes of Johnny Knoxville, Pamela Anderson, Stephen Amell, and Floyd Mayweather. These appearances have been extremely appealing for audiences and have allowed WWE to gain more publicity, as fans of these celebrities tune in to watch their favorite stars in the ring. with the WWE 2K22 roster already being packed, these celebrity additions could elevate the gameplay by giving players the opportunity to relive some celebrity moments from past WWE events.


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Celebrities That Should Be Added As WWE 2K22 DLC

While nothing has been confirmed yet, there is a long list of celebrities that players would love to see in WWE 2K22. In the WWE Universe, celebrities often appear in the crowd and sometimes get involved in the ring as well. These moments can make for captivating and memorable storylines, which would work great in a video game since players can play through various scenarios.

Johnny Knoxville is one of the celebrities that could possibly make the WWE 2K22 roster after the launch of a DLC. The recent release of Jackass Forever and the fact that Knoxville appeared in the Royal Rumble match could give players the itch to pit the stuntman against the rest of the roster.

Machine Gun Kelly, who has already been confirmed as a playable superstar, contributed music to the game’s soundtrack, which could have opened the door for more artists to join a potential celebrity DLC list added. MGK featured in a WrestleMania in the past and was attacked by superstar Kevin Owens following his performance by him, so having him on the roster will be a great addition that allows players to continue his rivalry with Owens.

Cardi B has always been a big feature in WWE, with her songs being used for PPV events in the past and as entrance songs for superstars. She would add a lot to the impressive women’s roster of WWE 2K22as some players would likely love to fight as the singer against divas currently on the roster.

All these celebrities would be solid additions to the next installment of the WWE 2K franchise and will most certainly have players watching their own highlight reel multiple times as they make these celebrities face off against each other. Other celebrities like Rob Gronkowski, Snoop Dogg, Snooki, and even Logan Paul could also be considered for a DLC release.

What Else Could WWE 2K22 Celebrity DLC Include

Logan Paul Wrestlemania 38 WWE

WWE 2K games have often visited past storylines in the WWE Universe to give players the chance to relive some of the most memorable moments in WWE history. This can work great for celebrities added to the game, as players would get a good introduction to the rivalry that initially brought the celebrity to the WWE Universe.

Another big feature that could be added with the celebrities is customization options. This includes unique entrances, moves, taunts, hairstyles, and attire that players can add to their created superstars, as well as creating teams with the celebrities and assigning them as managers for created or existing superstars. While the released WWE superstar roster has already sparked some controversy, a celebrity DLC would likely be openly welcomed by the WWE 2K community.

WWE 2K22 is set to revamp the 2K era of WWE games with an all-new game engine, a massive roster, stunning graphics, and game modes that fans of the series have been asking for. Developer Visual Concepts has promised to deliver a game that not only propels the WWE 2K franchise forward, but also pays homage to the games of the past. However, doubling down on celebrities is something that could make it truly unique.

WWE 2K22 launches March 11 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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