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What to know about Italian beauty brand Espresso

Bye, Bella! Picture this, it’s the middle of summer and you open your double doors on a top floor balcony. The sea glimmers with the splendor of the Amalfi Coast ahead. You pick up a coffee cup and inhale the distinct aromas of ground roast Espresso. You tilt your head to the beaming sun taking in the effects of the Mediterranean climate. It’s this quality of experience and these simple principles of the Italian lifestyle that has born the ethos of Italian beauty brand Espressoh.

Founder Chiara Cascella is an Italian by heritage and heart, and it comes across in her brand ethos. One that looks to the simple and distilled quality ingredients of beauty and paying attention to this when it comes to our routine. Having worked for high end brands both in Milan and Paris, Cascella witnessed a significant gap in the industry – one that was neglecting these principles. Her travels from her fueled her vision from her for establishing a brand with the proud stamp of ‘made in Italy’ and returning to these roots of enhancing what is natural and effortless. Turning away from over the top beauty routines, Chiara aims to bring the simplicity of Italian flair into the wider beauty community.

Given this, we thought who better than to talk about all things quality and Italian beauty. Here she takes us through her philosophy of her, her morning routing and what you should pack on your next trip to Portofino.

How did the idea of ​​Espresso come about?

Whilst I was working in product development for a global brand based in Paris, I realized two things. The first being that 60% of the highest quality cosmetic brands are developed and produced in Italy. A fact that no one seems to really speak about. The second then being that the majority of major brands offered a huge range of products and color ways and constantly focussed on a more is more approach with complicated techniques and routines. It felt that it was time for a simplified version of makeup the resonated with the understated yet elegant approach to beauty. Putting together these two principles, Espresso was born – in Italy of course!

Can you tell us a bit about the Espresso beauty philosophy?

We believe that true beauty lies within simplicity. A bold look doesn’t necessarily mean layers and layers of makeup. A bold look starts from our self-confidence, and makeup gives it a boost! Therefore we promote a quite natural and non-transformative beauty look that highlights your natural beauty regardless of gender, skin tone or skin texture. You don’t need to cover up your skin or transform your eyes to feel beautiful.

What does simple beauty mean to you?

Simple beauty means being true to oneself without filters.

Take us through your morning routine, what are some of the Espresso products on high rotation?

Hey broh – literally my brows can’t live without it. Glassy – for summer glow year round. Intense mascara in moka color – bold lashes with a natural effect!

What are some Italian beauty principles we should all adopt?

The same principle on which Italian cuisine is based: focus on very few and key excellent products and ingredients, rather than complicate things by adding more things!

We’re on our dream summer holidays in Portofino. What three Espresso products must we have in our travel bag?

Mascara Intenso, Glassy and Pummarò lipstick – a classic deep red with a coffee scent! This is everything you need after long days in the sun before heading out for an appetizer.

You mention the brand is inspired by a cup of coffee and not just any cup of coffee. Why Espresso?

It’s inspired by the Italian espresso and the whole cult behind drinking coffee in Italy. A whole scenario opens up when I think about it, it’s something so essential yet so meaningful for our culture. The gossip at the local “bar” (bar = coffee place in Italy), grandmas inviting someone for coffee (“lo vuoi un caffè?”) and not accepting no as an answer as it is not just an invitation for the drink itself but it means they are opening their house to you, business happens around espresso sips, and much more.

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