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Top 5 beauty and cosmetics stories trending on our socials right now

1 – Estée Lauder preparing to increase presence across all China retail channels

Beauty major Estée Lauder Companies says it will be increasing its coverage across all channels in China this year to capitalize on the growth potential of its beauty market.

President, CEO and director of The Estée Lauder Companies Fabrizio Freda said that he remained “absolutely excited about the potential of China.”

I have noted that long-term trends, such as the rising middle class and increasing per capita send, all pointed towards growth for China’s beauty market.

The company aims to serve Chinese consumers”wherever they buy,”said Freda.

2 – Kao to discontinue or divest another 13 of its beauty brands by 2024 as pandemic impact persists

Kao is mulling over the decision to discontinue or divest another 13 of its beauty brands by 2024 to focus on its core G11 and R8 products, amid warnings that the impact of the pandemic will continue to be felt across the 12 months.

Speaking during the earnings conference, president and CEO Yoshihiro Hasebe said that the company expects the impact of the pandemic to persist this year.

“COVID-19 hit us at the beginning of 2020, and we do believe that it will have an impact until the very end of this year.”

To that end, he said that Kao intends to make investments in a select group of brands and products moving forward. The company had decided to discontinue or divest 28 brands and had already axed 15 of them.

3 – Supergoop! aiming to reinforce position in SEA sun care market with education and innovation

US sun care brand Supergoop! is ramping up efforts to advocate the benefits of sunscreen and release competitive products in the “super important” South East Asian market.

With high SPF consumption in the sunny SEA region, Supergoop! is aiming to strengthen its relationship with existing customers while expanding its reach to a wider audience.