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The Batman’s Marketing Puts Bat-Symbol All Over The World In New Video

A day before its release, The Batman’s marketing campaign places the bat symbol on skyscrapers all over the world in a new video posted to Twitter.

The Batman’s newest viral marketing approach has placed bat-symbols all across the world in a new video posted to Twitter. Since day one, the latest film about the Caped Crusader, played by Robert Pattinson, has used unique marketing techniques to create intriguing hype and sustained interest among fans over a long time. With only one day left until Matt Reeve’s iteration hits theaters, the promotions have gone from quizzical riddles to towering spectacles.

The rebooted title focuses on a younger Bruce Wayne in his second year of donning the mask who, after a series of political murders, goes head to head with The Riddler, played by Paul Dano. This version of the villain will be much darker and more sadistic than audiences have seen before, and Batman will be forced to investigate the corruption of Gotham, aided by Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) and James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright). Reeves stated early on that he was deeply influenced by the comic books and went as far back as 1939 to gather inspiration for the story. Though the influences behind the film may be older, the marketing is entirely modern.


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In a video posted to Twitter, the bat-symbol was strewn across skyscrapers from different cities worldwide, including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the King’s Road Tower in Jeddah, and the Dorado Towers in Kuwait City. The architecturally cinematic stunt then featured a series of messages followed by several quick shots of characters and scenes from the movie, all displayed at a towering height. The three cryptic messages can be read below:

“It’s not just a signal, it’s a warning.””Unmask the Truth.””No More Lies.”

the Batman franchise is no stranger to viral marketing, and the bat logo has forever been at the center of it, starting with the simple image poster for Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. The Dark Knight’s viral campaign, “Why So Serious?”, was a comprehensive and immersive experience for fans, ending with the bat signal projected over several city skylines. Clearly inspired by this previous use of ARG, Reeve’s film seems to take a more noir detective approach over an action-packed plot, and the marketing campaign has reflected this distinction, creating a viral website last December and a coded tweet that led to a riddled website offering a sneak peek image of the film if solved correctly.

Being the 13th motion picture featuring the fictional superhero created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, a new spin on classic characters will be needed. Based on reviews, the film is not only set to be a great Batman movie but one of the greatest comic book films ever. Reeves has been able to draw inspiration from former endeavors while also integrating fresh and unique perspectives, and it’s great to see the marketing team deliver on this. batman and its promotional campaign will likely go down in history for their innovative efforts.

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Source: Twitter/Batman Content

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