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Outlook for 2022 in the technology industry

Akshay Ahuja from Amazon India shares his insights on future tech trends that would dominate the industry

Moving from a year that helped to transform companies more towards an automated and efficient model, this year will undoubtedly witness massive technological advancements, re-innovations and a drastic spike in VR and the overall gaming industry. With consumers turning more tech-savvy and organizations focusing on frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products, the country has witnessed one of the highest adoptions of digital solutions like never before.

Here are a few tech trends that have the maximum potential to dominate the industry in the year 2022.

5G and beyond

As we are moving to a future with technological advancements, consumers have started expecting more. The need to stay connected has increased for various purposes like work, new opportunities, maintaining relationships, and much more. With a boost in data connectivity, companies have started innovating more wireless technology for a better consumer experience and to enrich everyday lives and help them in connecting with their friends, families, or for entertainment purposes in more magnificent and experiential ways. It is said that 5G will set the premise for the intelligent and connected environment and extend beyond just smartphones. 2022 will prove to be a pivotal year in wireless technology, where 5G+ innovations promise new levels of connectivity. With improvements in performance, speed and reliability, it will increase the production of devices that will harness this 5G infrastructure to bring new innovations to the industry.

AI to be on the rise in 2022

Artificial intelligence will go from experimental to essential in the year 2022. This year will certainly be an exciting year for Artificial Intelligence with more funding and research accelerating growth in this space. AI will enter our lives in increasingly innovative ways. This is not only true for professional applications, where technology already plays a key role in many fields of science and industry but what is often overlooked is that intelligent machines not only find their way into individual situations. 2022 will be a crucial year as we witness artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continue to stride out along the path to turning themselves into the most disruptive, yet transformative technology ever developed.

Gaming 2.n

The Gaming industry took a gigantic leap during the pandemic. With the majority of the people confined to their homes, they took to games for leisure. And we will see the gaming industry further advance in 2022. This year Gaming will become mainstream and attract the untapped customers by providing means of both recreation and interaction. Another trend that will define the gaming ecosystem in 2022 is Cross-platform gaming. Developing games that can be played using multiple systems and consoles has had its share of road bumps in the past. Game streaming will be accelerated with the deployment of 5G, AI, VR and AR, thus eventually paving the way for the establishment of a Metaverse.

With Metaverse – experience an all-immersive gaming experience
While Metaverse developments are in the initial stages, we will begin to see the impact of the one-world concept by the end of 2022. Metaverse will change how we interact with the world forever, while it will rely on graphics to create an immersive environment , and the impact of the metaverse will be felt across every game. In a metaverse gaming environment, people will have the opportunity to engage like never before. The metaverse of the future will make you feel like you are inside the biggest digital game ever made. In addition to making gaming more immersive through AR and VR, the metaverse should also result in better engagement, animation, and monetization for games. One thing is certain, the Metaverse is here to stay, and 2022 will be a significant moment for the rest of time.

From Smart to Intelligent devices

The first generation of ‘smart’ products were & ‘connected products,’ that executed defined commands based on the input received. Devices such as smartwatches, smart bands, smart bulbs/plugs have become mainstream with customers across demographics adopting these devices. These smart products have evolved to become more user friendly with features such as voice integration. Some of the most loved smartwatches have alexa and other Smart AI built-in both in affordable and premium ranges. This space of smart products will evolve into intelligent products that learn from each other, operate outside the confinements of a platform/OS and are able to integrate seamlessly into our daily lives. From smart cars, to smart glasses, expect your devices to know what you want, without even asking for it. Algorithms will rule the future.

Sustainable Tech

This year’s CES had a distinct focus on sustainability. With the Tech industry being a key contributor in the carbon footprint, we can expect companies to adopt sustainable means to reduce the environmental footprint and make up for the lost time. We have already started seeing brands make products from using ocean-bound plastic and rise of EVs, but while these are certainly promising developments, they’re hardly enough to slow down climate change. Expect both B2C and B2B tech to become Greener, and innovation in the production process that promotes sustainability and becoming carbon neutral.

Consumer technology will continue to help solve problems and make our day-to-day lives work smoother. There has been an increase in the adoption of digital technologies in the last few months as consumers are looking at simplifying work with connected technologies and automation. This has resulted in more focus on making the lifestyles of the end consumer smoother. All these trends indicate that the boom in technology-enabled growth will continue into 2022 and beyond. 2022 will be the year when the focus of the industry will be on making technological breakthroughs that will simplify each and everything we all do. The new digital technologies will improve consumers daily lives by refining the ability to communicate with each other, load our homes with smart gadgets and let people enjoy movies and gaming in more extraordinary and experiential ways.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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