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More troops depart Fort Stewart to support NATO amid Russia-Ukraine conflict, some return home

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The pentagon is sending more troops to Europe, including some from Fort Stewart. A 40 person air and support operations unit will head to Poland and Romania.

A support maintenance team is traveling to Germany to assist soldiers who are already there. The Pentagon said these are temporary moves and US soldiers will not fight in Ukraine.

About 3,800 3rd ID troops were deployed in late February to aid NATO allies in Germany.

While many Fort Stewart soldiers are deploying, others are returning to their families. Around 350 troops from the 3rd ID’s Sustainment Brigade came home Monday.

This marked the end of a nine-month mission to areas in the Middle East. Before coming home, they transferred responsibility to the 36th sustainment brigade of the Texas Army National Guard.

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