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Lower Broadway’s Ernest Tubb Record Shop to close this spring

Ernest Tubb Record Shop — a lower Broadway location deeply connected to seven decades of country music history — is set to close this spring on an undisclosed date. As noted in a Facebook post made by the Honky Tonk Circus, ETRS, and David McCormick Company, the business and the building in which the business is housed will be sold.

“Due to changes in circumstances out of our control, it’s now clear the best way forward is to sell the business and the real estate,” notes the previously mentioned Facebook post made at 11 AM CST on March 11.

Details of the transaction were not immediately available.

News like this continues in the vein of reports that Music City’s downtown finances are booming — and returning to 2019 levels where tourism brought in a record-high amount of $23 billion in travel spending and $1.92 billion in state and local revenue taxes.

The sign of Ernest Tubb Record Shop, here Jan. of 2007, is an icon along Nashville Broadway downtown.

The Ernest Tubb Record Shop has been a stalwart lower Broadway tenant at 417 Broadway since 1951 when country star Ernest Tubb moved his store — where the “Texas Troubadour” is immortalized with a bronze statue unveiled in 1997 — after initially opening on Commerce Street in 1947 Currently, the store stocks vinyl records, CDs, and also displays rare memorabilia from country superstars including Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker, and numerous others.

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