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Lamar Says Todrick Took ‘Wrong Approach To Winning’

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Lamar Odom says that fellow houseguest Todrick Hall took the wrong approach to winning the game.

evicted Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Lamar Odom said that Todrick Hall took the wrong approach to winning the game. Lamar is an expert at winning competitions and takes great pride in being a team player. As a former NBA professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, Lamar won championships in 2009 and 2010. Although Lamar did not win any of the competitions in the Celebrity Big Brother house, he had a great social game because he was loyal, fair, and kind to his housemates.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Todrick Hall, who has been heavily criticized for playing a disloyal game filled with personal insults and lies. Although Todrick and Lamar were aligned with each other, Todrick is fiercely loyal to his final 2 partner, Miesha Tate. Once all of the players from the opposing alliances were evicted except for Cynthia Bailey, Todrick knew that it was time to turn on the other members of his alliance, Lamar and Todd Bridges, who considered to be stronger players than Cynthia. When he had the chance, he voted Lamar out of the house, moving himself one step closer to the final prize.


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In an interview with Us WeeklyLamar revealed that he believed that Todrick “took the wrong approach to winning and playing a game.” He said that the most surprising thing that he learned since he left the house was “the hit that Todrick is taking from the outside world.” Lamar theorized that this was not Todrick’s plan at all because Lamar knows how much social media and his fans mean to Todrick. He said that he did not think that Todrick wished to rub anyone the wrong way, but he made some missteps with his approach to the game. Lamar said that this became obvious when Todrick won the Head of Household competition, and he came downstairs singing, “HOH!” Lamar said that he thought that was “a gloat. There’s a certain way to win and a certain way to lose.”

Lamar Odom sitting in the kitchen on Celebrity Big Brother.

Lamar went on to say that he agreed with his fellow houseguests who mentioned that Todrick often played the victim. However, I have attempted to explain why Todrick might feel that way, saying, “I think that’s the position that maybe he’s used to being in from being a gay African American man in society. I could see how it was hard, but in the house, that’s where you have a clean slate. I don’t think anybody was judging him. Lamar acknowledged that Carson Kressley did not have that same problem, “But he’s a white gay man, because it depends on how you look at it. But I think he had a clean slate in the house so he could have just been whoever Todrick is.” Lamar even confronted Todrick about his behavior, going so far as to rip up Todrick’s deck of playing cards when he grew frustrated with him, which upset Todrick.

Lamar and Todrick definitely took different approaches to playing the game. Based on their social media posts, the cast of Celebrity Big Brother is ready to confront Todrick about his gameplay on finale night. Lamar at least can be proud he played with integrity and treated his fellow houseguests with respect.

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Source: Us Weekly

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