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F**k offs, awkward chats and toe stubbing – bizarre celeb encounters thread goes viral

Radio presenter Chris Stark started a Twitter thread asking people to share their bizarre celebrity encounters on Twitter – has since gone viral thanks to some incredible responses

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Radio 1 star Chris Stark gets caught in Javea wild fires

People of the internet have shared their most bizarre encounters with celebrities – including the likes of Jason Manford, Kelly Brook and Michael Buble.

On Twitter, BBC Radio 1’s Chris Stark, 34, asked his followers to share their most red-faced moments from meeting their famous idols.

He took to the social media app on Thursday to get the conversation going – and there were some hilarious responses from fans.

I have posed the question: “Tell me about your most bizarre encounter with someone famous…”

One person commented about their alleged experience meeting comedian Griff Rhys Jones during a holiday in Rome.

Chris Stark created the thread on Twitter



They wrote: “Watching a bunch of hooded white-robed figures carry a giant statue of the Madonna through Rome during a religious festival. The procession stopped in front of me and one of the hooded dudes stood on my toe. I yelped, he looked up and said, ‘Gosh sorry!’ & it was Griff Rhys Jones.”

Another person joked that Starstruck judge Jason Manford told them to “f**k off” when he asked for a photo – which the comedian denied.

But then he responded back with a funny comment.

The person claimed: “Jason Manford once told me to f**k off in the Trafford Center when I asked for a photo.”

Jason Manford allegedly told someone to ‘f**k off’



After seeing the viral thread, 40-year-old Jason replied back: “That never happened. But I will happily oblige now. F**k off Alex.”

Other bizarre encounters from people include meeting Kelly Brook, Johnny Vegas, Rob Beckett and Michael Buble.

Another added: “Telling Kelly Brook she should put Vaseline around her nose to deal with hay fever…then realizing it was Kelly Brook.”

Someone told Kelly Brook to use Vaseline for hay fever


Dave Bennett/Getty Images)

One woman revealed she how she was so overwhelmed to meet Michael Buble that when he asked her how she was, she ended up saying her name.

“Michael Buble asked me how I was and I replied ‘Emma’,” she confessed.

A third follower shared: “On a flight on the way back from Dublin. Sat next to Jonny Vegas. Turbulence was bad I kept grabbing his leg. Hadn’t realized who he was. Got him to hold my coat whilst I found my glasses , after I lost them in all the commotion. Only when I put them back on I realized who he was.”

One other person revealed: “6 years ago to the day I saw @robbekettcomic before he did a corporate gig & because I recognized him I assumed I knew him.

“Then twigged that I didn’t after saying “Hi Rob” he stopped, I had nothing left & just said “are you going to be funny tonight?” I have politely stopped for a picture.”

Another shared their story, explaining how a member of boyband The Wanted confused them for a bouncer.

Ross Kemp allegedly said he would pay to keep the bar open

“I designed gig poster for ‘blue’ about 17yrs ago & got vip tickets for it,” the person began. “In the backstage bar I was stood in the doorway looking out & one of the ‘The Wanted’ guys asked me if he could ‘come in for some noodles’ I said eh? & he said oh you not a bouncer. I was about 9st then.”

According to another person, who was previously a pub manager, they say former EastEnders star Ross Kemp “offered to pay £50 to stay open later”.

The person claimed: “I managed a pub in London and Ross Kemp came in by himself minutes before closing time with a couple of drinks already in him and tried to offer me £50 to stay open later so we could have a Guinness, a whiskey and chat about the IRA, regrettably I said ‘no’. Top man so he was.”

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