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FCSD BOE Meets To Discuss Changes In Administration For Next School Year – Oswego County Today

Image from FCSD Communications YouTube channel.

FULTON – The Fulton City School District Board of Education met last night, Monday, March 28, for a special meeting where it discussed the 2022-2023 administration organizational chart.

During the Superintendent’s Report, Brian Pulvino presented this chart to address any questions regarding it.

The purpose of restructuring administrative positions is to “maximize the resources of the Fulton City School District to achieve our vision and mission each and every day.”

It is meant to better align with the district’s Strategic Coherence Plan and to increase efficiency and support, and empower employees to support the needs of students. The new administrative organization is planned to improve leadership and create a more collaborative culture, deepen learning, strengthen oversight, and accountability in each area of ​​the organization.

“Why the change for 2022-2023? We have three retirements and a resignation, so when you look at that, that’s a chunk of our administrative team. Any time you have that opportunity, you need to do something,” Pulvino said.

He said the district has new needs for support, which requires adjustment of resources. These new needs include the addition of an early childhood position, support for special education, specifically at the early childhood level.

Other factors to consider for increased needs are the impact of COVID-19 on each student, faculty and staff member, levels of accountability and reporting to state and federal offices, managing all resources in association with one-time federal funds, low number of candidates applying for positions, and supplies and resources for day to day operations.

He gave an overview of the current administrative organizational chart for this academic year. In those positions, the school business administrator, executive director of instruction and achievement, G. Ray Bodley principal, Fairgrieve principal, and director of special education will all be either retiring or resigning.

The school business administrator position will be changed to chief of operations and finance. The position supporting the new chief of operations and finance will be the former director of technology position under the new title of director of instructional technology and data.

The executive director of instruction and achievement position will be changed to deputy superintendent. Everything academic will be under this position.

The former director of literacy position will change to the director of humanities, which Pulvino said is an expansion on the literacy position.

The former director of instructional support services will change to the director of STEAM.

One brand new position is also being created – the director of early childhood education.

“Presently, this position is funded in our [American Rescue Plan funding] and we’re looking at different ways we can fund that in other grants,” Pulvino said.

He also said that the director of human resources position will revert to an open vacancy and will be hiring a new person to fill that position.

Considering the change in administrative positions, the district expects the cost to decrease from $2,661,508.69 to $2,625,038.00 next year, depending on an agreed upon contract for the director of human resources and contract adjustments.

Pulvino then shared the job descriptions for the positions previously discussed and highlighted the background of the candidates for the deputy superintendent and chief of operations and finance positions, Geri Geitner and Dr. Dom Lisi respectively.

The board then went on to vote on the appointment of the deputy superintendent and chief of operations and finance. Both appointments were approved.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held Tuesday, April 5, at 6:30 pm and can be viewed on the Fulton Communications YouTube channel.

To view last night’s meeting, see here. The schedule can be found here.

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