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Dakota Fanning and her tricks to be the beauty of Hollywood

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Precocity is a persistent quality in the career of Dakota Fanning (Georgia, 1994). At eight years old, she made history by becoming the youngest actress ever to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role as ella in i am sam (Jessie Nelson, 2001); at 11 he celebrated his birthday with Tom Cruise on the set of War of the Worlds (Steven Spielberg, 2005); and now, at 27, she has started her own production company with her sister de ella Elle, Lewellen Pictures, whose first project will be the serial adaptation of Megan Miranda’s novel the last guest.

Parallel to her new facet as executive producer, the eldest of the Fannings will appear this year on the small screen with two series, the first installment of the anthology about the first ladies of the United States, The First Ladydedicated on this occasion to the charismatic Betty Ford, and a new adaptation of the iconic novel by Patricia Highsmith, The talent of Mr. Ripley, where to give life to the sharp rival of the protagonist, Marge Sherwood.

Dakota’s charisma and inner strength have caught the attention of Japanese luxury skincare and makeup brand Cl de Peau Beaut, which on its 40th anniversary named her global ambassador.

How has the pandemic changed your beauty routines?
I would tell you that it has not changed when it comes to taking care of my face, because I have been very conscientious about keeping my day and night routines, but when it comes to makeup, yes, because when you spend weeks without leaving home , sometimes you don’t feel like getting ready. However, I like to get up and paint myself a little, because that way I feel like I’m ready to start the day. There have been times during the lockdown when I have done so.
Dakota Fanning at the movie premiere

Dakota Fanning at the premiere of Tarantino’s film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the festival, Cannes.

What is the best makeup advice you’ve ever received and from whom?
In general, all the makeup artists I work with recommend the use of sun cream, because I am very pale. So I take full advantage of Cl de Beaute products with SPF to preserve my skin, especially primers and foundations. I also remember a photo shoot with Karl Lagerfeld when he was younger where he recommended never letting anyone tweeze my eyebrows, he advised me to leave them natural. So I followed his words from him.

How do you help your skin glow when you’re immersed in very demanding shoots?
Sometimes it’s hard. These last few days, for example, I’ve been traveling and I’ve had jet lag. Now there is much more talk about the effects of stress and anxiety, but it is not usually commented on how they harm the skin, your nails, your hair… You have to drink water, get enough sleep and rehydrate. The srum is a wonderful complement. Not taking time to take care of yourself can be detrimental to your health and your appearance. It is something that I am aware of, although I am not always good at managing my stress and anxiety, especially during the last two years. Now I find time to do things that help me to be relaxed and comfortable, because that calm can be seen on the skin.

Your mother played tennis, your father baseball, your grandfather football, and one of your aunts is a sports journalist. Have you ever felt inclined towards professional sports?
My mother always thought that her daughters would be interested in sports, she was convinced that we would be athletes, because it is what she lived at home, so since I am the oldest I signed up for tennis, soccer… But I couldn’t stand it That was not for me. Not because she wasn’t athletic, but because she was very hard and sweated a lot. She leaned me more towards everything that she had to do with my career.

The Foundation makeup base (296 euros).  Cl

The Foundation makeup base (296 euros). Cl de Peau Beaut

Speaking of mothers and daughters, you just played Susan Elizabeth Ford in a series in which Michelle Pfeiffer plays her mother, Betty Ford. What does it mean for you to put yourself in the shoes of someone real?
When you embody a real woman there is always a responsibility, but even more so when she is alive, because you expect her to think that you have done a good job. Here, moreover, I interpret it at different ages.

The last time I interviewed you, you told me that your favorite series was Game of Thrones, what expectations do you have about the new installation?
I’m so excited! In the last seasons I met every Sunday with a group of friends to watch each new episode together, I was very dedicated to the series.

I understand that you treasure a large collection of dolls, is there a figure of this epic fantasy?
No, my collection is of Madame Alexander dolls. Sometimes the brand included something from a series or movie. I loved the one dedicated to Lucille Ball.

Luminizing Face Enhancer powder (97 euros).  Cl

Luminizing Face Enhancer powder (97 euros). Cl de Peau Beaut

How did you start the collection?
When I was little my mother gave me a doll for every birthday and another for Christmas. I recently asked him to stop, because the collection was already big enough (laughs). I will save it for my children. I have a good assortment just waiting to get a child interested in them.

Some time ago you stated that you were frustrated by the portrayal of many women in Hollywood movies, where, you said, “They are routinely reduced to basic roles.” Is that one of the reasons why you have started your own production company?
Of course, our goal is to tell stories of all kinds of people, at all stages of life. I’m excited. Elle and I have always known that one day we would start a production company. Aren’t we all, men and women, multifaceted? Human beings are complicated, we all have flaws, we are all messy. It is so obvious that it will not even be necessary to mention it

Among your aspirations is not only to support movies and television series, but also podcasts. Do you advise us?
I love podcasts, they obsess me. My favorite has been around for a while now, but every time my phone pops up that there’s a new episode, I practically stop what I’m doing to listen to it. This is Heavyweight. I strongly advise it.

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