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CEO Appointment for Imperial County | Letter to the Editor

This letter is being written out of concern for the County of Imperial. It has come to our attention that Miguel Figueroa, current city Manager for the city of Calexico, has become one of the top candidates for the position of CEO for the County of Imperial, and is favored by the Director of Human Resources, Rodolfo Aguayo.

It is of great concern Mr. Aguayo favors Mr. Figueroa being that some of his business dealings as the Director of Economic Development of the city of Calexico are questionable. In addition, Mr. Figueroa was a prior county employee with the Community and Economic Development Department and had several formal complaints from staff filed with the Human Resources Department. It is our understanding that despite the Director of Human Resources, Rodolfo Aguayo, having knowledge of the issues above and more with Mr. Figueroa, Mr. Aguayo has recommended Mr. Figueroa to the Board of Supervisors for the position of CEO. Our concern is that Mr. Aguayo may not have provided the Board of Supervisors with all the information necessary to make a decision on the most qualified person for the position, and is pushing his recommendation from him. It is also of concern that there are many more than 10 candidates that have applied for the position of CEO and only three have been provided to the Board of Supervisors.

It has been demonstrated that HR Director Aguayo has recommended actions to the Board of Supervisors that have not been vetoed completely or in the best interest of the County. This is clearly demonstrated by the most recent lawsuit filed by District Attorney, Gilbert Otero, and the removal of a board request for several employee reclassifications for the Human Resources Department and the County Executive Office, while many other offices within the county are suffering from low staffing, including some requests for staffing having a direct impact on public safety. We also understand that Mr. Aguayo has also worked with executive staff from some county departments to undermine the efforts of the Director to possibly advance those executive staff to higher positions if the Director is terminated, to promote Mr. Aguayo’s agenda and those of his friends of the.

We feel that with Mr. Aguayo not providing the Board with all the information necessary on the candidates and recommending Mr. Figueroa for the position, instead of moving forward, we are taking steps back and going into “compadrismo”, friends doing things for friends . We are concerned that with what we are hearing is going on we are falling into politics much like we hear in Mexico, one of friends, and compas, doing “favors” for each other, and we should not want to bring that type of politics into Imperial County. It is time for the county to do what is best for the citizens of the county and not what is best for the high level appointed personnel or our elected officials bring their personal agenda into the recommendations and appointments of the person that could possibly be the next CEO of the county.

We are writing this letter to bring some light on the recommendation for the position of CEO for the County of Imperial, and the possible withholding of information from the Board of Supervisors. We would also hope that the Board of Supervisors did not have all this information and knowingly still be considering a person with a questionable past to this position, especially since we are aware of other letters of concern that were sent to the Board of Supervisors. We feel there is a need to have a neutral search far from biased recommendations by individuals who want to further their own agendas and find a candidate for CEO who can take the county into a direction that can benefit all citizens of Imperial County.


A concerned group of citizens


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