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“Beauty Is All About Acceptance And Letting Go Of Traditional Standards”

From being a successful feminist actor with her strong, independent roles in movies like Thappad, Pink, Manmarziyaan and her latest Loop Lapeta to being a “breaking stereotypes” person, for Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu it’s all about being her own person. The actress loves to step out of her comfort zone to deliver a strong message with her every performance of her, generally focusing on gender norms, societal issues and more.

Being the most authentic version of yourself is what makes you standout. Having been quite vocal about her beauty choices and breaking conventional standards, the actress has been acing beauty in her own style ever since she debuted. She has always remained strong with her convictions on social issues and has been open about embracing imperfections and letting go of the traditional set beauty standards. In a very candid chat with the actress, we speak to her about beauty positivity, breaking stereotypes and more.

Excerpts From The Interview:

1. Clean beauty has recently become an essential part of the industry. How important is it for you to carefully choose the ingredients and products when it comes to your hair?

Taapsee Pannu: “My curly hair is my identity! It’s a part of me. Over time, I have learned to care for them in the right way. Naturally I pay attention to what I choose for them.”

2. Beauty is quite standardized and have its own notions. We have always seen long and voluminous tresses as an ideal type. With you acing natural curls, did you ever find the need to fit into the conventional ideas of beauty?

Taapsee Pannu: “Conventional beauty standards are not only restrictive, but they also fail to elevate diversity. The very idea that beauty is defined by a set of adjectives – straight hair, tall, slender, fair, etc. is harmful and excludes most of us who don ‘t fit the norm. It’s about time we let go of these traditional beauty standards that we’ve tried to live up to all this time. My curly hair is my identity and I proudly wear it as a crown (pun intended). While I was young, I tried too hard to fit in but over time I understood beauty is not a standard norm but rather what you have.”

3. What is one advice you would give every beauty enthusiast about dealing with curly tresses?

Taapsee Pannu: “Don’t fight them! Learn to love them and find what works for you. Always choose good quality, clean and natural products that work best for curly hair.”

4. Cult curls have been a raging trend for a while now and you have always flaunted your natural hair texture on screen as well as off screen. What do you think about this sudden shift where people are more comfortable now with increasing their natural texture?

Taapsee Pannu: “I remember my younger days when all I wanted was to straighten my hair! I did everything I could, from chemical treatments to applying natural ingredients like yogurt and egg to somehow smoothen my hair and none of it worked. I hated my hair and never took care of it But over the years I realized that my curly hair is part of me and makes me stand out!

Now beauty is all about acceptance and letting go of traditional set standards. It’s good to accept what you have and learn how to make it work. This definitely is true for all the curly hair people who initially hated their hair but now are learning how to embrace it.”

5. With a lot of styling products, hectic shooting schedules, etc. How do you make sure to have healthy curly tresses?

Taapsee Pannu: “The first step is to choose hair care products that understand curly hair. Oiling and deep conditioning always helps me maintain them. Also, a good amount of sleep and healthy eating habits help in the long run.”

6. What do you think about the evolution of beauty positivity and its need at the moment?

Taapsee Pannu: “Individuals have been shamed or called out for too many things on the pretext of traditional beauty standards. It’s about time those notions are put to rest. With social media and the hyper aware younger generation, beauty needs to be more inclusive and positive. Basically, beauty does not just lie in the eyes of the beholder but also beauty is what reflects on a believer, the one who believes that there are no hard standards of beauty but the one from where you start believing in yourself.”

7. What is your everyday hair care routine like? Any DIY rituals that you follow?

Taapsee Pannu: “Curly hair requires a lot of love and attention! While I do not have a DIY ritual as such, I am a firm believer in embracing hair oil and a good leave in conditioner along with hair masks. I also avoid combing them or using heat to dry them.”

8. Any particular superfoods that you personally recommend for hair?

Taapsee Pannu: “A healthy diet should be a good first step to great hair. Hair is made up of protein so sufficient protein in the diet is good.”

9. How do you feel about collaborating with Arata for their Advanced Curl Care Range?

Taapsee Pannu: “I am super excited to be Arata’s Curl friend! For me, having this curly hair representation – whether on-screen or with the brands I choose to work with, is highly important. I support Arata’s clean, toxin-free approach to personal care I also personally vouch for the new Advanced Curl Care Hair Gel that leaves my hair intensely moisturized and lusciously defined!”