How to Organise Promotional Merchandise for Events

August 30th, 2014

Do you have a business you help advertise and profit from by taking it to certain events? Maybe you head to convention centres, bingo balls, bars, etc. When different events are being held and look to drum up new business or sell to your current customer base. Whatever the scenario, one key aspect of going well in this regard is ensuring you organize your promotional merchandise as best you can. Consider the following advice for doing so.

Organize in Columns not Rows

So take a look at our merchandise table. Your products should make up columns, not rows. By this I mean, you must organize your items into different categories and they should then run vertically from the top of your table to the bottom (or from you are sitting to where your customers will be standing). You might have embroidery such as custom caps in one part of your table, and then screen printing such as custom t-shirts next to it. What you never want is to have one type of product above another because it will make it harder for interested parties to get a look when things become crowded.

Use Signs

You always want signs to help draw attention to your particular table at a merchandise sale. However, when people get to your table, you want signs that will make it easy for customers to realize where everything is and what each product is. While you should be around to answer questions, this makes things much easier. If you’re busy with another customer, for example, having a sign that tells them about a certain embroidery product ensures they won’t walk away looking for something better to spend money on.

Use Displays

The products you sell don’t have to lay there flat on the table either. You can use all types of display options to help offset different products from one another. These same displays can also be used to heighten the look and appeal of each product too. Obviously, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to use displays that will steal the show or otherwise distract from the products you are trying to sell. But the right types of displays can definitely help you seal the sale.

Although organizing your items at a merchandise sale may not seem like the most important step that needs taking, it can make all the difference. The above steps won’t take much work either, but can have real results.

Screen Print T-shirts: Pros vs Cons

September 30th, 2014

As you can probably tell, I'm a screen printing nutt and love writing about it. This is another article that will outline my profession, except this time I'm challenging myself to try and come up with pros and cons.

Note: I've tried really hard to not be bias in this article. I do want my readers to be 100% with what I say, so I've provided the best information possible.

Let's get started.


There is a lot to think about before you invest in company shirts, uniforms or other forms of sport jerseys. There are several different places that you will be able to get your t-shirt screen printing Perth business district. Here we have put together a full list of pros and cons on t-shirt screen printing. When choosing what type of uniforms or shirts to go with you want to have all the information. And choosing between screen printing custom t-shirts can be a high investment. Here you will get all the information you need.

What is Considered Screen Printing?

This is known to most as screen printing but in the printing industry it is also known as silk screening. This is when you can take your images and put them onto a transferable sheet and through heat they are able to ‘iron’ it on to cotton blend shirts, sweat shirts, hats and other similar products. This is one form of creating bulk orders of shirts, uniforms, and other items needed in bulk.

Benefits of Creating Custom T-shirts

One benefit is that you are going to get a high level of quality when investing in custom T-shirts when you choose to work with screen printing. This is a more durable, reliable form of creating branding on your business, team or organization. Versatility is another benefit, especially since you will be able to use screen printing services on blankets, hats, shoes, socks, anything that is a form of fabric and sizable for the printing machines. There are no risks of fading, snags, or other forms of destruction and this is the most cost effective. Another advantage is that screen printed shirts can be sent in bulk orders for discounted pricing. There are very few options out there for branding or marketing that will offer lower rates with the more you order. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when working on the budget.

The Dark Side of Screen Printing

Well, as mentioned above, the larger the order the more cost effective, but as a disadvantage this can apply to smaller orders. When you don’t order bulk, the rates will be higher. Quality- again, as an advantage this can be a disadvantage as well, but when calculating the cost of printing when you do these yourself. Many people think it is better or cheaper to do printing at home this is not the case. Photo reproductions- This is something that can be done, but you will never get top quality of photographs with screen printing. It can be done, but this is something you want to stick to computer art or graphics.

The Bottom Line

You have had a chance to look at the different advantages and disadvantages of using screen printing. There are several different ways to brand your business, team or organization. The bottom line is how you want to represent yourself. Screen printing does hold more advantages than disadvantages. We have put this together to ensure you can make an education decision.  When choosing screen printing it is wise to consider copyright laws, and creating your own logo or design, this protects you as well as your team, and the screen printing company you decide to work with in general. Many times, a respectable company will require paperwork showing the right to print any logo or design.

Getting Your Promotional Materials Ready for the Big Sale

August 25th, 2014

The big sale is right around the corner. Before you know it, your store is going to be overfilled with an abundance of customers – ready and waiting to buy your products and send your sales figures through the roof. That is, at least, what you are hoping for and have taken the necessary steps to do just that. However, one of the things that you may have forgotten was to get some screen printed sales signs and other screen printed promotional materials, such as T-shirts.

Why exactly do you need screen printing in the first place?

Great T-Shirts for Walking Billboards

Many business owners overlook the concept of giving away screen printed T-shirts during their sales primarily because of two reasons. Perhaps they simply do not see how you can make money by spending it on T-shirts. On the other hand, they might simply want to focus that money on some other profitable ideas and advertising methods. What they don't realize, though, is that by investing in custom promotional T-shirts, for instance, they will be able to turn their customers into walking billboards. Not only will this generate more traffic into your store for the big sale, but it will also keep the customers exposed to your company every time that they look at or even wear your shirt. Keep in mind that when it comes to custom T-shirt printing Australia residents and business owners know that 24-Hour T-Shirts can fulfill all of your needs and exceed your expectations.

High Quality Sign, Low Quality Price

Now that you have invested in custom promotional T-shirts for the big sale, you need to focus screen printed sales signs as well. In most cases, in order to have a creative and captivating sign made to advertise your sale, you would need to pay an arm and a leg. However, when you invest in screen printed signs, you won't have to worry about a number of different things – including excessively high price tags. Even if you have a plethora of colors that you would like to be display through each sign, you can do that for a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else by investing in screen printing services.

Use Your Custom T-Shirts as Signs

As mentioned earlier, you can use custom promotional T-shirts to turn your customers into walking billboards which can lead to repeat business and even new customers at some point in the future. However, thanks to custom T-shirt printing Australia services, you can also turn your employees into walking sales signs. While having screen printed signs posted throughout your store would definitely come in handy, you can also have all of your employees wearing screen printed custom promotional T-shirts in order to promote the sale as well. By requiring them to wear them to work, they will be able to draw attention to your sale before, during and after their work shifts without having to say a single word. Turn to T-shirt Xpress for custom t-shirts that you need quick enough for your sale without having to worry about not receiving the quality you deserve!

How Men Buy Good Quality Shoes for Women

August 15th, 2014

If you’re a man looking to buy your special lady something she’ll love, there is no shortage of options out there. However, just about every lady out there has a soft spot for shoes. So if you want to be sure your present will make her smile, that’s a great place to start. Just be sure you know what you’re doing by reading the following first.

Get a Sense for Her Style

Most of us men like to think we know what our lady would like in terms of style. Then we try to buy them something involving fashion and find out how wrong we were. That’s never a fun situation to be in.

There are a couple ways around this problem though. First, you can try to eyeball her fashion sense if you have access to her wardrobe. Otherwise, just go through pictures or stay observant and get a feeling for what her personal style is all about.

Otherwise, if you have access to her wardrobe, another method is to simply start going through her shoes and writing down the features that stick out. First, take note of the brands she regularly wears. Then, write down the colours you see the most. Next, take a look at any of the physical features you can recognize. For many men, this might only mean open-toe, closed-toe, the height of the heel and whether they’re strapless or not. That will be enough.

Get Her Shoe Size

This is where you’re going to need some access to either her wardrobe or enough of her shoes that you can figure out what she wears. Mess up her shoe size and all your hard work will be for nothing. Keep in mind you need both her size and width.

Also, many women wear different sizes for different brands. So when you have an idea of the type of shoe you want to buy her, find out the size she wears in that brand to ensure you hit your target.

Ask for Help

There’s no shame in asking for some help, fellas. One way is to just go to her friends and ask them what kind of shoes she would like.

Otherwise, take your notes to a shoe store you know she loves and ask them for help. Describe your girlfriend and all the work you’ve done.

Chances are they’ll jump at the chance to help you. Buying shoes for your loved one doesn’t have to be impossible. Just keep the above tips in mind.

The History of Design

August 6th, 2014

All of the designs that are created by experienced graphic designers for usage on everything from screen printed posters to embroidered t-shirts have been influenced in some way by the entire history of this art form. Technically, any type of art or building that has ever been made can be considered to be part of the history of design, but most people think specifically about the field of graphic design when this particular topic comes up.

After all, graphic designers are the individuals who are creating stunning works of art that can be found on postcards, websites and even tote bags at an affordable rate.

Graphic Design: The Primitive Years

The earliest known graphic designs were drawn in caves and on rock shelters between 30,000 BCE and 7,000 BCE in France, India and Australia. Although this early art might not be what you think of when you hear the term graphic design, it does represent the very beginning of this field of artistic expression. The emergence of writing around 4,000 BCE was another critical component that helped to build a foundation for the work that is being produced right now by graphic designers around the world.

The Role of Graphic Design in Early Manuscripts

There are several amazing examples of design work within some of the world's earliest manuscripts and books. For example, the Lindisfarne Gospels was created in approximately 700 CE, and it contains intricate and colorful designs that helped showcase how beneficial this particular type of art could be. Most of the earliest religious texts and maps contain additional examples of early graphic design, and this practice eventually led to people with this skill being used to decorate playing cards after their invention in 1294.

Modern Graphic Design

It is easy to find influential pieces throughout history, ranging from the designs that were placed on ancient pieces of pottery all the way to family crests. However, the modern application of graphic design is often used to create a recognizable symbol such as the rings of the Olympic Games and the Google logo. There are other modern examples of this essential branding and marketing tool all around you, including the designs on your t-shirts and the specialized images that have been created to adorn the websites that you visit on a daily basis.

Even this brief history illustrates how vital graphic design has been for thousands of years, so it is no wonder that people with this specific skill set are in high demand. The reality is that everything from major corporations to small local fundraisers has a need for specialized design work, and it is imperative to work with a professional in order to receive desirable results.